Business License Information

City Hall

If you plan to open a business within the city limits of Tillamook, and/or if you operate a business outside the city limits, but wish to conduct some portion of your business within the City, you must first obtain a business license.

The license serves the City and its citizens in two ways. First, it provides the City with information about entities that may be doing business with City residents, thereby helping the City provide for the health, safety and welfare of its citizens. Secondly, the related registration fee provides revenue to support business monitoring activities and other City expenses.

The business license requirement applies to manufacturers, trades, professions, occupations, businesses and shops of every kind. Exempted from this requirement are government agencies, nonprofit organizations that are federally tax exempt, some home-based businesses, individuals below the age of 18, garage sales and non-resident businesses offering merchandise by catalog or Internet. For more details about who may be exempt, read the Business Registration Ordinance or call the City Recorder’s office.

Business licenses are effective from July 1 to June 30. The registration fee varies with the size of your business. The basic fee for a business with up to 11 employees is $75 annually. For those with 12-30 employees, the fee is $150. And those with 31 employees or more pay $300 annually. Employees who work up to 24 hours per week are considered part-time. Every 2 (two) part-time employees are considered 1 (one) full-time employee for registration fees. A temporary registration is one-third of the annual fee and good for up to three months.

In addition to the basic annual fee, the City levies a $25 annual surcharge that is dedicated to supporting downtown business development activities.

Finally, peddlers, solicitors, hawkers and occult artists must furnish a good-faith bond to the City in the amount of $1,000. Each such person or company must apply for a permit at least 10 days prior to conducting any business within the City. The applicant must also pay a $10 photo ID processing charge.