The City of Tillamook Planning Department is located in the basement offices of City Hall on the north entrance ramp at 210 Laurel Ave. The Planning Department can be reached at 503-842-2472.

The City of Tillamook Planning Department administers the City's Land Use Code as well as manages the City Code Enforcement program. The City's Planning Department is responsible for several permitting processes such as:

  • Land Use Applications
  • Zoning Permits
  • Public Works Permits
  • Right-of-Way Use Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Business Registrations (annually)
  • Dog Licensing (annually)
  • Garage Sale Permits
  • Complaint Form for City Code Violations


A link to the upcoming Planning Commission agenda can be found here.

A link to the City's land use code can be found here:

A link to the City’s General provisions of the code can be found here:

Once the proper City permit is obtained, then building permits can be submitted to the Tillamook County Community Development Department. Contact information is shown below:

The Tillamook County Community Development Department administers Building Permits within the City, as well as all land use regulation outside the Urban Growth Boundary. More information on this topic. They can also be reached at 503-842-3408 or at 1510 3rd St. Suite B.


2012 Approved Comprehensive Plan Revised 2021. Plan appendices can be requested as needed from the city planning department. 

Staff Contacts

Megan Carpenter
City Planner
(503) 842-2472

Planning Commission Members

  • Larry Oswald - Commission Chair
  • Dustin Johnson - Commission Vice Chair
  • Ray Jacobs - Commission Member
  • Tammy Jacobs - Commission Member
  • Ruth LaFrance - Commission Member
  • Patrick Matthews - Commission Member
  • Jaimie Rhodes - Commission Member