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The City Manager is one of three key staff positions called for in the city charter.

As the chief administrative officer, the City Manager is responsible for carrying out the policy decisions of the City Council and administering all facets of city government.

He manages the daily business of the city and plans and directs the activities of the various City departments. He serves as planning and development administrator, personnel and budget officer and purchasing agent for the city.

Working at the pleasure of the City Council, the city manager manages and coordinates the Council’s projects and programs, in particular those relating to community development. He also supervises the preparation of the City’s annual budget, oversees all City property, acts as business agent for the Council in the sale of real estate and negotiation of franchises, contracts and leases.

The City Manager is present at City Council meetings, advising the Council on City operations and assisting it in its deliberations. He is responsible for making sure that the provisions of all the City’s ordinances are administered according to the wishes of the City Council. He works with various citizen and business groups to help foster economic development and he represents the City to various community organizations and groups.

The City Manager is also the Administrator of the Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency (TURA). The City Manager handles all of the administration of the Agency as delegated by the TURA Board of Directors.

Nathan G.

Nathan’s Work Biography
Nathan comes to Tillamook to serve as City Manager with almost 20 years of governmental experience. He has worked for Multnomah County and most recently worked at the Arizona Department of Transportation. However, the majority of his service has been as an Assistant/Deputy City Manager and City Manager in various states throughout the U.S., but spent most of his time in the Mid-West.

Nathan has been involved in various boards and service opportunities throughout his career. While in Indiana, he was very involved in the Indiana Municipal Managers Association for over a decade serving in several leadership positions including President. He also served on the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University Public Service Advisory Board for the Certified Public Manager® Program for almost eight years.

Nathan is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He grew up and graduated from High School in Camas, Washington. Nathan holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology from Brigham Young University and a Master’s of Public Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He obtained his Senior Leadership Institute Certificate at the University of Virginia and is an ICMA (International City/County Manager Association) Credentialed Manager.

Nathan enjoys many activities, hobbies, and adventures; especially ones that take him outdoors such as camping, hiking, and traveling. Finally, Nathan lived in Brazil for two years and is fluent in Portuguese, a language and culture he loves.

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Assistant City Manager
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City Manager
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