Tsunami Preparedness and Information

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Tillamook, like other coastal communities in our county, is at risk to both earthquakes and tsunamis.

Tsunamis are sea waves produced by an undersea earthquake. These sea waves caused by the earthquake or undersea landslide can reach 50 or more feet in height, which would be devastating in low-lying coastal areas. Secondary hazards from a localized earthquake may include fire, HAZMAT release, or dam failures, among others. Many coastal communities also have a high liquefaction hazard that can cause subsidence and structural failures.

Historically, earthquake and tsunamis incidents are infrequent, but can produce devastating effects in our community. Tillamook conducts evacuation drills periodically to help residents learn how and where to reach safety, should it ever be necessary. For information about evacuation procedures, you may download the map and guidelines to the right.

Tsunami Drill

Tsunami Drill